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Mapping the homeless for New York City

In 2001 Congress asked the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to take the lead in requiring communities to develop an unduplicated count of the homeless people.

Congress did this for two reasons. First, it was persuaded that cities with good data systems (Columbus, New York City and Philadelphia) did a better job of addressing the problem. Second, it was frustrated by the almost total lack of reliable national data about homelessness and the impact of federal spending on the problem. It wanted communities to have accurate data on homelessness and also use this information to evaluate patterns of program use and effectiveness. As good data emerged from communities, Congress asked HUD to use it to paint a more accurate picture of what was happening nationally. HomelessMapTrac is the solution that Mobizent is supplying to the City of NewYork.

This solution provides a mobile solution in the field to allow Outreach providers to collect data on the Homeless and actually map the Homeless using an ESRI based map on the Handheld. The data i s then uploaded to the Mobizent Back-end system, that provides a complete medical record of the Homeless and provides an overall city map, again using ESRI map server, that can track and monitor each homeless person being interviewed throughout the city and facilitate quick placement The system provides real-time duplication checks to make sure the same homeless person is not counted twice or more.

Mobizent product HomelessMapTrac provides front-office and back-office software for agencies that need accurate GIS information to count, track and monitor the Homeless and analyze the agencies efforts in reducing and preventing homelessness.

The front-office component of the product HomelessMapTrac runs on any Windows Mobile handheld device that helps the field workers record accurate GIS information for all their contacts without having to go back to a PC or workstation, or having to use paper in the field. The back-office component of the product HomelessMapTrac is an ASP.Net based web application that provides business users and analysts with easy access to accurate GIS information.

HomelessMapTrac is targeted toward assisting Agencies and their staff to record accurate GIS data and enhance their capability to gather essential information and identify patterns through analysis of the information recorded.

Features of HomelessMapTrac

  • Validate & record geo coded data for all locations
  • Revealing homeless population patterns on maps
  • Determining patterns in contacts, services and placements
  • Display encampments and determine hot spots
  • Creating adhoc queries based on specific date or date range
  • Viewing maps based on the adhoc queries

Benefits of HomelessMapTrac

  • Reduce the margin of errors
  • Capture accurate location information in field
  • Address/ location validation
  • Easy access to essential information in real time
  • Supports informed decision making
  • Provides rich visualization to enhance analysis
  • Increases productivity by providing useful information