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Providing Manufacturing automated Inventory Counts

ManuCount™, Mobizent's mobile in-warehouse solution for counting inventory provides an automated method to quickly and effectively count physical inventories for Manufacturing warehouses.

ManuCount™, Mobizent's innovative Mobile Inventory Counting Solution, is revolutionizing the way Manufacturing companies or any company with a warehouse conduct physical inventory counts for warehouses.

With ManuCount™ inventory personnel can perform in-field inventory counts electronically, eliminating the need for paper forms, clipboards and avoid re-entry of data into old back-office systems . In addition to the standard data capture, ManuCount™ provides the ability to capture inventory with Scanning your barcodes. The solution also has the abiltiy to create yourownbarcodes for groups of items or individual items The solution can also use RFID scanners connected to the device to collect more sophisticated tracking of inventory, moving in and out of a warehouse. ManuCount™ eliminates the need to remember complex inventory placement by automating the entire task with pull-downs and online searches.

Field inventory personnel can also synchronize remotely using wireless technology or using the standard synchronizing methods at the office. ManuCount™ provides the ability to review or lookup previous inventory counts on demand and standardizing the way an inventory count is written, inventory mismatches are provided as required. ManuCount™ can also provide the management and control of inventory by location or by customer to have better control of critical supplies and when used in conjunction with our ManuFacMgr . The solution not only provides the handheld mobile front-end solution for counting and verifying inventories, but can also provides a complete and feature rich back-office solution to manage the inventory counts. Inventory counts can roll-up into reports to meet the critical time-based shipping needs and the ability to reconcile with your General Ledger and roll-up by cost center. Designed to run on any windows based Mobile Device, including phones, laptops or ruggedized handhelds, ManuCount provides highly sophisticated service modules that intelligently work together to allow users to monitor and control inventory counts. ManuCount™ is a cost-effective solution that reduces the amount of time spent on manual inventory counts and manual reporting by allowing users to capture all the required information directly on the handheld or website.

Features of ManuCount :

  • Integrated bar-coded fields
  • Integrated with Existing Database
  • Full reporting and exporting abilities
  • Easy entry from multiple devices
  • Advanced security features (signature validation)
  • Customizable to your requirements

Benefits of ManuCount :

  • Simplifies and streamlines inventory counting
  • Reduces errors, re-workandpaperwork
  • ReducesCarbonFootprint
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Enhances data analysisandvisualization
  • Increases productivity
  • Integrates with your networks