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Mapping violations for Sanitation Departments

NOVMapTrac provides innovative ways to display violation data on ESRI maps to allow Sanitation Departments to make more informed decisions on the effective deployment of resources.

Using NOVMapTrac, Sanitation Departments in most cities can improve how they issue and track violations. NOVMapTrac allows cities to first collect quality GIS data on a mobile device in the field when issuing a violation and then displaying this ticket data on a city map. With this visual display cities can instantly see where they are issuing violations and where they are issuing violations by type of violation. If there are apparent wholes in the data, then further analysis or issuance strategic planning can be conducted. This newly collected data on violations will be able to evaluate patterns of violation issuance use and effectiveness. As good data emerges a more accurate picture of what was happening will be disclosed.

This solution provides a mobile solution in the field to allow Agents to collect data on the violation and actually map the location of the violation using an ESRI based map on theHandheld. The data is then uploaded to the Mobizent Back-end system, that provides a complete solution of the violation record and provides an overall city map, again using ESRI map server, that can track and monitor each violation being issued throughout the city and facilitate quick placement The system can provide real-time monitoring of ticket issuance to make sure that deployment is being done effectively.

Mobizent product NOVMapTrac™ provides front-office and back-office software for agencies that need accurate GIS information to count, track and monitor violations and warnings and analyze the agencies efforts in reducing inefficiencies and increasing revenue .

The front-office component of the product NOVMapTrac runs on any Windows Mobile handheld device that helps the Sanitation Agents record accurate GIS information for all their violations without having to go back to a PC or workstation, or having to use paper in the field. The back-office component of the product NOVMapTrac is an ASP.Net based web application that provides business users and analysts with easy access to accurate GIS information.

NOVMapTrac ™ is targeted toward assisting Departments and their staff to collect and record accurate GIS data and enhance their capability to gather essential information and identify patterns through analysis of the information recorded.

Features of NOVMapTrac

  • Validate & record geocoded data for all locations
  • Revealing homeless population patterns on maps
  • Determining patterns in contacts, services and placements
  • Display encampments and determine hot spots
  • Creating adhoc queries based on specific date or date range
  • Viewing maps based on the adhoc queries

Benefits of NOVMapTrac

  • Reduce the margin of errors
  • Capture accurate location information in field
  • Address/ location validation
  • Easy access to essential information in real time
  • Supports informed decision making
  • Provides rich visualization to enhance analysis
  • Increases productivity by providing useful information