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Managing Violations for Sanitation Departments

NOVMgr™, Mobizent's Web-based Notice of Violation Management solution provides Sanitation Departments with the ability to schedule, manage, search and control their Violations issuance.

NOVMgr™, is a comprehensive back-office solution for Sanitation Departments and sometimes Waste Management Companies that conduct inspections and issue tickets or warnings. It provides the management and control of critical inspections and Violations by person and property. The solution not only allows the scheduling of inspections, but can provide routing recommendations for violation routes. The solution also provides approval cycles for violation that required certain levels of approvals. This back-offcie solution connects automatically to Mobizent’s NOVWorks™ and ContaineTrac™ but also a will connect to anytype of mobile solution in the field to provide realtime interfaces to the database.

NOVMgr™ improves violation and inspection management by having an integrated approval module, a complete data entry solution that will eliminates the need to re-enter data into additional systems and constantly conducting re-inspections. NOVMgr™ is a cost-effective solution that reduces the amount of time spent on manual Violation forms and manual inspection forms and manual routing by allowing users to capture all the required inspection information and approvals on the Website and aotumatically run routing routines. In addition, NOVMgr™ also provides latest industry violations, for snow removal and abandon lots that can be searched and managed.

NOVMgr™ ensures that the entire inspection and Violation process is streamlined, from the initial entry of the information through the reporting and data collection analysis, to ensure that Waste Managment Departments save time and money. NOVMgr™ "Investigative Search" feature provides data analysis and data mapping visualization capabilities to users during any person or property investigation.

NOVMgr™ also provides a complete reporting solution and export features so the inventory can be interfaces with your existing Management Solutions and Courts.

Features of NOVMgr:

  • Integrated typcial city Ordinances
  • Integrated data entry from multiple devices
  • Full reporting and exporting abilities
  • Advanced security features (signature validation)
  • SQL Database
  • Customizable to new waste management requirements

Benefits of NOVMgr:

  • Simplifies and streamlines inspection/Violation mgt
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Enhances data analysis and visualization
  • Increases productivity
  • Integrates with Department network