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Testing Services

From your first contact, mobizent™ provides you with the support and mobile expertise you need to get your application working quickly and hassle-free.  Every Project mobizent™ delivers undergoes a strcit set of testing procedures.  mobizent™ works with each client to conduct the testing appropriate to the application and the end user.


At your first meeting with mobizent™, your mobizent™ account manager will walk you through the planned application and services and the technical expertise you will work with to integrate your requirements with the mobizent™ adaptable applicaitons, including:

  • In-depth information about the complete range solutions for mobility and delivery products
  • Customer-specific technical information
  • Analysis on which Hardware Solution are best suited to your business's needs
  • Determination of where you should place you solution, whether it should be a ASP model or an on-site solution


Once you're mobizent™ client and have decided on a solution, mobizent™ Development engineers will build the solution to meet your needs.  The mobizent™ Team then hands off this solution to the mobizent™ Test Team who are on hand to not only test your solution but provide the help you need to test the solution yourself and ensure that any custom interface into your enterprise is working efficiently and effectively. Your account Program manager will explain the various integration service options available.

Support from mobizent™

After your solution is live, you will be supported by our elite Technical Support team as well as a knowledgeable and helpful Account Manager. Whenever your business needs change or you expand your mobile business to new regions, the adaptable mobizent™ solutions can seamlessly support you into a new environment.

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