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TicketMapTrac™ is the solution that Mobizent is supplying to Police Department throughout the US. The solution allows managers to display ticket issuance, by officer, area, date and type of Ticket. This supports DOT requests and City management requests for where and when tickets are being given to aid in improvements to traffic flow and other city ordinances.

Although these types of maps can be extremely useful tools for law enforcement, it is possible to misuse this data or produce misleading information. Mobizent, with its client,  that creates these maps must make a conscious choice to ensure the data is accurate and not difficult to understand so it leads to correct decisions.The way we represent data on the map is a conscious choice we make, and one that may influence the viewer's perceptions of what we are presenting. Mobizent can use either ESRI mapping tools or Google maps to display this data.  In either case, depending on the functionality requested by the Police Department the Mobizent mapping feature attempts to match the display of this data without prejudice by providing simple pin maps of the location as opposed to heat maps which may distort actual data.

The address information is collected on the handheld, with either GPS or officers entering in an exact address, it is then necessary to convert that data into mappable information in a process known as geocoding. Mobizent Geocoding takes a specific street address and computes a specific X and Y coordinate for it. The computation process determines not the precise coordinates but rather makes an estimate of where that location is. Streets are divided into segments, which are typically block-long units. The Mobizent geocoding software “knows” the odd and even house numbers at each end of the segment, as well as their exact X and Y coordinates.  Mobizent product TicketMapTrac™ provides front-office and back-office software for agencies that need accurate GIS information to count, track and monitor and analyze the agencies efforts in improving city ticket collection by improving traffic concerns. The front-office component of the product TicketMapTrac™ runs on any Windows Mobile handheld device that helps officers record accurate GIS information for all their tickets without having to manually geocode data. The back-office component of TicketMapTrac is an ASP.Net based web application that provides business users and analysts with easy access to accurate GIS information.

Features of TicketMapTrac :

  • Collect Accurate Geocoded Data
  • Validate & record geo-coded data for all Tickets/FIs
  • Revealing Ticket Issuance patterns on maps
  • Creating adhoc Map queries based on specific dates

Benefits of TicketMapTrac :

  • Capture accurate location information in field
  • Address/ location validation
  • Easy access to visual information in real time
  • Provides rich visualization to enhance analysis
  • Increases productivity by providing useful information