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iPhone Application Development


Mobizent believes that with over one billion downloads from the Apple App Store, the question for businesses and governments isn't "if" you should launch an iPhone App—it's "when” you will design, build and deploy and iPhone App. The Mobizent Team can help.

Through its experience with the iPhone Developer Program, Mobizent has gained access to a complete set of resources in the iPhone Dev Center, code-level technical support from Apple, and one very special feature: The ability to develop custom iPhone software and publish it within the Apple App Store.

We have built many applications for the iPhone and the iPhone is a unique device that can deliver products to many users, and Mobizent has both the design and technical expertise to design, develop, deploy a wide range of unique and creative iPhone applications. If you have a requirement to get your information out to your users then we have the Team that can help you make it happen.

Mobizent expertise in iPhone development is based on experience and knowledge in using the iPhone SDK. Our iPhone programmers have developed cutting edge iPhone applications using popular development tools from the iPhone SDK as well as using other 3rd party tools and components.

Some of our iPhone programming skills are:

  • Interface and event controls using development API's
  • Expertise in managing secure HTTPS access and secure authentication
  • Application development on Xcode
  • Ability to develop applications that talk to multiple servers
  • Experience in using multiple protocols

Our iPhone services include:

  • Complete iPhone services: from development to deployment and upgrades
  • Collaboration from requirements to development
  • Development of a diverse range of apps - Business, Gaming, Entertainment etc
  • iPhone applications development for 3GS
  • Integration of Flash applications within iPhone